How do I request a lost password?

If you can't get logged in, it's very easy to retrieve your lost password! All you need is your E-Mail address or your username!

Can't remember your username? Check out: How do I request a lost username?
Requesting a password reset E-Mail is easy. Bear in mind the following things:

If you don't get the E-Mail within five minutes, check your spam filter on your E-Mail account!
You must use the most recent E-Mail link, as requesting a lost password multiple times resets the link. You will get an error if you don't use the most recent link!
Make sure to have a secure password without any spaces. Our system may accept those spaces, but you won't be able to login with them and will need to set your password again.

Reset your password: Forgot Password

Updated on: 07/17/2020

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